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Untitled (We need time to think about it)

Installation made by:
Silvana Hurtado Dianderas (Peru)
Sofia Athanasoulia (Greece)
Arnaud de Wolf (Belgium)
Tomy Herseta (Indonesia)


The installation was about TIME. It was a collborative project with four  artists from different countries of the world, where they shared their perspectives on time. How do we value our time? How carefully are we taking our surroundings? Every instant we spend observing can give us a new information. The only thing we have to do is to sit back, slow down and pause.

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The installation consists of two parts: the outside and the inside space.
At the outside space the artists placed some hidden lights and a low frequency sound on the ceiling, which was making the space to be vibrated. At the inside space, they created a warm and comfortable environment where people can sit and watch TV. The TV was playing a video with cut music videoclips in 5 different languages (spanish, english, greek, belgian, indonesian) related with time. Spectators were recieving a time slot and there was a clock in front of the door, they were watching in order to get inside. They created expectations by making people waiting and wondering what would happen. The lights, the low frequency audio and the video on the TV were all sychronized with each other.  After their experience, the spectators were scanning  a QR code that the artists placed on the wall next to the door, in order to create a dialogue and to introduce them in their general idea. 

Photos by Lea Groeliker

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