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Performance design and Concept idea for a video clip


Concept Idea: Sofia Athanasoulia
Choreography: Joanna Pavlidis
Perfomance design : Sofia Athanasoulia
Videography: Bonelli Arte
People who participated: Eleni Koulogeorgiou ,Konstantina Antonopoulou, Maria Dimakopoulou, Tzeni Koukoura, Antonis Spathis, Thalia Stamatoglou, Ioannis Massaras, George Kilpasis
Places: Patras,Noisebox Studio(Sakis Bastas)
Special thanks to: Dimitra Papayiannopoulou, Eleni Koulogeorgiou, George Kilpasis


Inspired by Martha’s Medeiros poem Die slowly and Santiago Grasso’s animated short film ‘EL EMPLEO’, Sofia composed a song entitled Time, that revolves around freedom from our bad habits by making the most of every opportunity, and learning to appreciate the most precious gift of all, time.
"In our attempt to be useful in a workaholic society and fast paced lifestyle, our life is spinning out of control and we end up feeling overwhelmed and exhausted giving up the core of our usefulness: our existence. We need to brake free and regain control of our own lives, i.e. stop objectifying ourselves, change our mentality and focus on making time or making the most of it by taking full advantage of the opportunities available."

Mix/Mastering: Christos Galanopoulos ( Portokali.Studio )
Musical arrangement: Fifth Season
Sofia Athanasoulia :Music and lyrics,Vocals,Acoustic guitar
Markos Hairikakis :Electric guitar
Gavriil Kamaris: Cello
Ilias Georgakopoulos :Bass
Sakis Froutas :Drums

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