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Theatrical Performance

Pantespanious (A Diary of a Child with Type 1 Diabetes)

Mise en scene: Efthimis Argiratos

Theatre design: Sofia Athanasoulia

Costumes: Maria Pefani

Cast from the theater group of Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece


“Pantespanious-A Diary of a Child with Type 1 Diabetes”, by Philippos Mandilaras – A theatrical adaptation for children of Mandilara’s book on Type 1 Diabetes.

Philippos Mandilaras was born in Athens in 1965. He is involved with creative writing for children.
Paul, the 11-year-old hero, is challenged when he is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease. He changes his behavior both at home and at school. But he is determined not to let diabetes put him down.

In the aforementioned project the scenography revolves around light, shades, rearrangement and transformation of available space to recreate indoor(house,room,doctor’s office) and outdoor scenic design(house yard,square)using minimal set design, i.e. a composition of a tree with a blue circle, which is the universal symbol for diabetes, a bench, and a 3-meter-long framed pure white fabric connected to another 3-meter-long room divider with a door opening.

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