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Performative experience

Echoes of the Unseen

Fabrication exhibition, De Gelderlandfabriek,Culemborg
Master Scenography
University of the Arts,Utrecht

"When I first visited the Gelderlandfabriek I got immediately inspired by the
history that existed behind this building .

Gelderlandfabriek was used as a locomotive shed on the Utrecht-Boxtel
Railway in 1868 and then as a furniture factory and consequently as a family house. Later on, some Dutch organ builders and train mechanics were using the space as their studio and workplace. The factory is currently used as an eventspace for cultural events and exhibitions.

As I was walking for a long time in this empty space, I slowly started to feel and listen to its atmosphere. A mixture of voices and sounds from the past and the present swirled in my mind. How could I give life to this empty space? I wanted to find ways to excavate the remains of life in this resonant lifeworld. I recorded the natural sounds of the space, while I also composed new sounds and music inspired by all the information I managed to gather from the space. I was intrigued to make an audiovisual story inviting the spectator to an experience. I designed a specific route that starts and ends at the same spot,the electricity boxes. As the days went by, and I was continuously walking the same path, I was fascinated by the extent which the space was transformed from all the people that were working there.


Similarly, the ‘’Fabrication’’ exhibition will also be a part of the many changes that happened in the space of de Gelderlandfabriek."

Scenic Voice

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