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The Mountain of Absurdism

Curated, performed and produced by Robin Valster, Scenic Voice, Ariadne Sergoulopoulou, Jonny Mehrez, Betina Abi Habib, Neta Ben Dov, Shlomo Benami, Jacob Schwartz, Anita Horváth

“The Mountain of Absurdism” is a collaborative performance that bridges between a fictional ceremony and a dinner party, exploring the collective experience of a non-religious holiday. The performance is a climb. Masked performers guide the spectators through several base camps or scenes, each with their own trails and scenarios. Finding themselves at a slanted table they climb to their seats for a very unconventional dining experience. Slanted til the top guests are nearly with their heads on the ceiling. With every course served comes a performative act presented by the hosts. The distinction between performer and spectator becomes questioned by the tribune-like table structure which turn the focus on the guests that are watched by the hosts below them.

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